Friday, January 20, 2012

Chick 'N Coop Giveaway!!!

Attention my chicken lovin' readers!  Here's your chance to give your chickens a complete makeover!  I wish I could say that I was the one able to give this amazing package away, but the credit here goes to Purina, The Green Chicken Coop, and GRIT!  Register HERE to win a year's supply (28 bags) of Purina Layena Plus Omega 3 poultry feed provided by Purina and the Elizabeth chicken coop from  I know how awesome it would be to win this for my girls, so I couldn't help but share the info with you fine people.  Good luck!  

Here are some of pics of our girls from a couple of weeks ago, enjoying a snack (tomatoes, lettuce & apples) in the yard on a gorgeous 50° day in Wisconsin, in January!!  Now the yard is covered with snow and we're lucky to get to 10° during the day -needless to say, the girls haven't set a pretty foot out of the warmth of their coop in days.  

The Bearded Ladies...Ameraucanas!

Miss Crooked Tail, The Welsummer

Goldie, The Easter Egger & Red, The Barred Plymouth 

 Sparkle, the big-breasted Speckled Sussex.  
Travis always says she'd make good soup-I say, not in my kitchen!

Goldie, The Easter Egger & Sparkle, bringin' up the rear!