Sunday, January 30, 2011


This morning Travis & I made his family's take on the classic glazed donut.  These donuts are so delicious and sweet and fluffy and crispy and simple and addicting and delicious....oh wait, I said that already...did I mention that these donuts are delicious?!?!?!  We usually make 20 donuts and they are gone before we even have the chance to clean up the mess.  They are the perfect addition to a lazy Sunday morning and remind me of down-home country cookin'! 

I thought we'd share our secrets, so your family can be tempted to add a delectable donut or two to your waistline...

What you'll need:
Pillsbury Buttermilk Biscuits (Pack of 10)- We suggest 2 packs...1 just isn't enough.
Oil to fry them in, my dear (We use peanut oil, but vegetable oil works too).

Glaze Ingredients
Powdered Sugar
Start out with some powdered sugar in a mixing bowl.  Whisk in milk until the consistency is that of a glaze (it'll be pretty runny).  Add a splash of vanilla...whisk it in...and SHABAM!  Who needs measurements?!?!?

*Travis wanted me to remind you to make your glaze and set up your dunking station before you begin frying the donuts.  Dunking while the donuts are still warm means you get to eat them while they are still warm and that's the only way to do it...period.  You won't want to make more than you'll eat that day, they aren't good keepers.

Open your biscuits and pop holes in the center with your finger.  No need to discard any dough, just press and shape it into the donut shape.

Drop them in the fryer (we use our dutch oven)...flip 'em around until they are golden brown.  We had our stove set at medium heat.  You know your oil (1/2-3/4" deep) is ready when bubbles form around a toothpick when you poke it in the center of the oil.  The oil should NOT be smoking.

Scoop 'em out and lay them on paper towel for a few seconds...

  Pick 'em up with a stick (I use a shish-ka-bob skewer) and dunk them in the sugary sweet glaze!

Set them on end while the glaze sets...

At this point, your donuts will start to disappear rapidly. 

Be sure to wash them down with some milk! 


  1. Oh. My. Goodness. I am SO making these-- thanks for the recipe lady! : )

  2. P.S... I feel dumb for asking this, but I have never used peanut oil-- is it easy to find (like with the other oils at Pick-n-Save)?

  3. Let me know how you like them Deb! Don't be silly...I never really used peanut oil either until I started getting into cooking more. Peanut oil can be found with the other oils. It's a bit more expensive, but I think it's worth it ;)