Saturday, February 12, 2011

Red: The H.C.I.C.

Meet Red, she's our H.C.I.C. (Head Chicken In Charge).  Red is a Barred Plymouth Rock; she got her name from the large red comb that rests atop her black and white striped head.  She has the largest comb in the coop. 

In every chicken coop there exists a pecking order and this big girl is sitting right at the top of ours.  She lets the girls know who's boss by always being the first at the door, handing out a quick peck or two, and pulling a feather here and there.  She's one of the first down to scratch around for the treats we leave and I'm quite sure that she eats when she wants to eat, roosts where she wants to roost, and nests in the box she wants to nest in. 

Someday, if we ever get the wireless video camera we'd like to get, we may have the opportunity to see what she does when we're not around.

She has always been very nosey, when she was a little chick, we called her Nosey Posey.  Red is pictured below with one of our Easter Eggers (I call our Easter Eggers Meat Head because they have the fluffy cheeks)!

Notice how Red isn't missing a single feather?!?!

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