Monday, June 13, 2011

The Dairy Breakfast

Not too long ago, I would have never known what a dairy breakfast was.  Working in agriculture and being married to a farm boy has its perks, let me tell you! 

During the month of June, which is Dairy Month, farmers all across Wisconsin open their farms to the public for a special dairy breakfast. It's a unique opportunity to see the workings of a real dairy farm and, in addition to a great farm tour, you get a delicious breakfast to boot!  The breakfast usually includes eggs, pancakes, bacon, sausage, cheese, milk (white & chocolate, of course), orange juice, coffee, and ICE CREAM!  The kids love it and it puts the break in breakfast for those Moms & Dads who won't have to cook!

Find a Wisconsin dairy breakfast near you, here.  If you live in our neck of the woods, the Watertown Agribusiness Club Dairy Breakfast is THIS weekend, June 18th & 19th at Dettman Dairy Farms in Johnson Creek.  We'll be there bright and early Sunday morning.

Here are a few photos from our trip to Dettman Dairy Farms last year!

Scramblin' Eggs!

Tractor rides from the hay field parking lot to the breakfast!

If a tractor ride isn't your thing, you can bring a wagon to put the kids in
and make like a cow and hoof it!

Now, that's the way to make some pancakes!

Quite the turn-out! 

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