Saturday, November 27, 2010

What's Up? Chicken Butt!

One of my favorite things about my chickens are their backsides! Not only because this is where the eggs will eventually be coming from (tick, tock, tick...), but also because the soft feathering/fluff on a chicken bum is so darn cute. I got some shots of my girls while they were out free ranging today so y'all can enjoy the view from the backside of a hen too! It's seems that the Speckled Sussex, Barred Plymouth Rocks, and Ameraucanas were the least camera-shy!

Star, a Speckled Sussex.

The following two shots include Ameraucanas and Barred Plymouths. It's hard to identify them by name from their butts alone.

I love this one. The girl on the right has heart-shaped fluff!

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  1. I think their bums are pretty darn adorable, too. Maybe it's cuz I really want to have chickens, too..... great photos!