Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chickens & Cats Form Peace Treaty

Anyone who lives in the country knows someone with ALOT of cats and most likely ALOT of chickens!  My neighbor, who happens to be my dear Mother-in-law, is the cat lady and I'm the chicken lady.  At first I was concerned her cats would eat my girls until I saw a chicken charging a cat as the cat ran frantically for its life.  Since they've had time to get acquainted, it seems the chickens and cats have formed a peace treaty of their own.  I think it goes something like, "Hey, if you don't peck me, I won't shred you to bits with my claws!"  Our girls even share their treats with the cats!

Here's Red and one of the scavenger neighbors on the prowl for treats!

It's always a challenge keeping the cats out of our yard and the chickens out of the neighbor's yard, so, for now, we've come to an agreement as well...until one of us figures out how to keep our livestock out of the other's yard, we're just gonna' deal with it!  I'm not certain how long this will last as my Mom-in-law's garden and flower beds are sure to be irresistible targets for our happy hens!  They'd have the garden obliterated before the Duke boys could get outta' Hazzard in The General Lee!  I'll post pics of that later...ha!    

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