Thursday, March 31, 2011

Silkie Fever

Even the stars have Silkie fever.  Here's a photo of Tori Spelling and her gorgeous white Silkie, Coco.  How precious.  Honestly, I was thinking it would be nice if Coco were to drop a big, stinky chicken load on her, but maybe she's so rich she can have someone fashion chicken Depends for her birds.  Seriously, props to Tori n' Dean if they're sincerely goin' Cali-farmer.  As the article reads, she was out walking her family goat a few weeks ago.  I just hope this isn't the next big fad after which the animal shelters will be spilling over with chickens rather than chihuahuas.  All I've gotta' say is if Paris Hilton shows up with a Silkie, I'm gonna' puke...for days. 

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