Saturday, April 2, 2011

Local Tummy Ticklers

This post may sound familiar to some of you who have been reading since I started writing last year, but I figured it was worthy of an encore appearance!  I've added a few new things though, so don't pass it by just because you read Let's Get Fresh last year! 

In just a few short weeks the Farmers' Markets will be up and running.  I was chatting it up with a farmer the other day who participates in many of our local markets and he said that it's been tough to get into the markets this year because so many farmers are jumpin' on the Farmers' Market hay wagon! 

With consumers becoming more aware and concerned with the freshness and production methods of their foods, Farmers' Markets are growing in popularity. Many cities and towns now host weekly Farmers' Markets which benefit producers, consumers, the environment, and the local economy!
  • Producers are able to sell direct to consumers on a regular basis, eliminating the middle-man and increasing profits. Talking directly with the consumer helps them understand the needs and desires of the community.
  • Consumers are able to buy fresh, sometimes organically grown, food which aids in providing a healthier diet and better nutrition for themselves and their families. The ability to speak directly with the producers allows the consumer easy access to information about how their fruits, vegetables, honey, and meat are grown and produced.
  • Environmental benefits include the reduction of food miles, vehicle pollution, fossil fuel use, and packaging.
  • Economically, Farmers' Markets can help bring new life to cities and towns. They encourage consumers to buy locally and can help draw consumers to local retailers near the market. has a great Farmers' Market page to help Wisconsin folks find markets in our neck of the woods, and, Local Harvest has a stellar search tool to help folks all across the US find a Farmers' Market as well. Just click Farmers' Markets in the What are you looking for? box, enter your Zip, click Search, and you are on your way to finding the most fresh grub in town.

Going to the local Farmers' Market is a great way to get your weekend started. Rather than laying around in your PJs and bunny slippers until half the day has gone to pot, why not gather the munchkins, jump in the family grocery-getter, and hightail it to your local Farmers' Market for some FRESH fun?  Don't forget to buy yourself some farm fresh eggs while you're there too! 

P.S. I'd love to know you're all alive and listenin', so feel free to post information about your favorite markets or some of the things you can't wait to buy in the comment section of this post!!

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  1. Oconomowoc WI has a nice little market on Saturday mornings from 7am til should be starting soon... this winter they had a market on the 1st Sunday of each month!

    BTW, I like the new piano background music; it is lovely, and enhances the reading experience!