Monday, April 11, 2011

Backyard Tip #2: Dust

Here's the deal, chickens create TONS (not even a tidbit of exaggeration here) of DUST.  The picture shows exactly what I mean.  If you house chickens in an enclosed space, for example-your garage, EVERYTHING will be covered in a fine, creamy colored dust similar to that of chalk.  It looks like a little sugar fairy sifted powdered sugar over all of our things, except you wouldn't want to snack on this stuff. 

Long, horrible story short...If you are someone who can't stand dust, like myself, you'll want to avoid EVER housing your chickens in your garage for an extended length of time.  I have been cleaning chicken dust for months.  The day that my Silkies will have their permanent house outside and I can have my sparkley clean garage back can't come soon enough!  I'd like to take a moment to thank Craftsman for creating such a wonderful shop vac; it has been my right hand, dust-clearing man.     


  1. Parrots create lots of dust, too. People don't know and end up having to get rid of their pet because of allergies. My cockatoo might be able to compete with ALL of your chickens! Ha.

  2. Guess I won't be getting a cockatoo! I love watching the chickens take their dust baths and stir things up. Reminds me of Pig Pen from Charlie Brown!