Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hosta Time!

Turns out, our girls fancy hostas!  They continue to enjoy their time in the yard these days.  On a side note, I've realized, once again, that flip flops are not an option when visiting with the girls during the spring and summer months.  I think this may be a lesson I learn on an annual basis!  I should have read Backyard Tip #1 before the weather improved to remind myself!  I took some pictures while out visiting the girls today.  The weather is wonderful and all the trees and flowers are starting to bloom...finally.  Enjoy!

Girls snacking on hostas in the rear while a nosey, molting Welsummer and an Ameraucana check out the camera!

Poor hostas...

Flowering crabapple tree...the prettiest tree in our yard.  It reminds me of Trav's grandma Rose who passed away recently.  It's nice to have something so beautiful to remember her by.

Munching on leftover sweet corn from last night's dinner!  Who needs a garbage disposal?!?!?

This Ameraucana is enjoying a warm sun bath!

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