Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Gimpy Goes to the Hospital

I'm starting to feel like I should be some sort of chicken doctor.  About a month ago, I had to isolate one of my Silkies because she got injured somehow, maybe by an overzealous roo, but I'm not really sure.  For safety sake & knowing that Elvis was a bit aggressive with the girls, the suspect roo has since been donated to our friends at The Gee Funny Farm.  Besides, Brooke was never very pleased about having another man around the coop! 

Anyhow, after a week of not getting up (she'd just fall to her side and lay there), I figured it would take a miracle for her to survive.  However, as long as she was eating, drinking and dropping, I refused to cull her.  I had food and water within neck reach and a heat lamp on her to warm her up!  A week and a half into her treatment, I was thrilled to find her standing and peaking her head up and out of her hospital bed!  Miracle is now back with the rest of the Silkie bunch, happy as ever.

Currently, Gimpy, one of our Silver-laced Wyandottes has a similar leg problem.  They've never been housed together, so I know it's nothing more than a coincidence.  She began limping around, then got to the point where she'd only hop on her one leg, now, she doesn't move much at all.  I decided I better remove her from the coop and give her the same treatment Miracle received.  While trying to feel around that leg today, I did feel & hear a POP!  I'm just praying it was a good pop.  We suspect Miss Gimpy either dislocated something or has nerve damage of some sort.  Her leg is limp and she doesn't move her toes at all.  I suppose time will tell if she'll recover or not.  At least for now she is warm and within necks reach of food and water. 

Eating and drinking is always a good sign!

She doesn't seem to mind being on bed rest!

A plastic tub large enough for her, but small enough to keep her from trying to move around too much makes for the perfect chicken hospital bed! 


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