Friday, December 10, 2010

Take Two!

We were pleasantly surprised today to find another egg and a half!

I say half because one of the eggs didn't have a shell. It was just the inner membrane, egg white (albumin) & yolk. This often occurs in young laying hens at the onset of their laying cycle and is no cause for concern. If shell-less eggs continued to appear after the hens have been laying for awhile, it could be an indication that there is a calcium deficiency. We free-choice oyster shell, which is one of the best calcium supplements for hens. They will regulate what they need on their own, so no need to mix it in their feed. For now, we're chalking this one up to inexperience!

Connor loves to hold the eggs his "chickies" give him. I have to remind him to be gentle because he gets very excited. He is proud of this egg...just like his Mama! How ironic is it that he happens to be wearing a shirt that says Crusher?!

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